Second Chances

Fourteen years ago, I had a chance to change my life, and I didn’t take it. I was invited to speak at MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table), which is a real honor.

They weren’t offering to pay me. Being selected is considered payment enough.

Somewhere along the way to the 2004 MDRT Round Table Meeting, I was asked to be a main stage speaker – I would be allowed to talk about anything I wanted for 15 minutes.

And here it was … 15 minutes to say something different. Something profound, to shift everyone’s thinking. This was a golden opportunity to do something amazing, generous and terrifying. It was my moment.

I pulled up. For reasons too painful and predictable to relive, I played it safe and banked in a 16-foot jumper from the corner.

They wanted amazing.
I gave them safe.
They wanted to be changed.
I gave them tried and true.

It’s taken 14 years to be invited back to MDRT. This time, I’m going to make the most of it.

Sometimes you have to wait for a second chance because someone has to offer it to you. However, there are plenty of opportunities for you to give yourself a second chance.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.


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Dazzle em Dennis!

I have learned that the biggest mistake anyone or any business can make is being boring and predictable. Today they’ll get the show they deserve.

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