Serious Shift Lab

Become stronger, More Competitive

Do you want to become a stronger, more competitive business that is easier to manage?

  • Improve profitability?
  • Enhance Client Loyalty?
  • Generate more referrals?

This is why we created the Serious Shift Lab.

Build Exceptional Businesses

The Lab Is Not For Everyone. It Is Only For Those Willing To Build Exceptional Businesses That Create Abundance And Firmly Place You At The Top In Your Market.

A lab is a place to challenge what you think you know through experimenting, discovering and learning. It is in this spirit that we offer online courses to help financial advisors build Serious Shift into their practices.

These courses will provide the tools for you to create some SERIOUS SHIFT and assist you in making your business more competitive and experience focused.


What You Will Learn

A well-run and healthy business has a solid foundation. This course helps you adjust to the evolving demands of our industry. The course is designed to increase profitability, enhance client loyalty, generate more referrals and be easier to manage. You will be guided to assess the core areas of your business in terms of finances, marketing, operations and human resources and converting the results into actionable steps. Learn More

What You Will Learn

The client experience profoundly influences the growth of your business and impacts every operational aspect. This course examines the client pipeline, from onboarding through to lifetime referral advocates. The uniqueness of the client experience is defined by your business purpose and intention. Strategies include the onboarding process, client segmentation, review meetings, differentiation and experience design. Learn More

What You Will Learn

Two critical success factors impact a thriving financial services business. First: maximize revenue by retaining clients. Second: reduce the cost of developing income by being highly referable. To be successful in these two areas, you must shift the expectations clients have in the financial professional they choose. Clients increasingly expect higher levels of relevance and personalization in the EXPERIENCE of financial advice. Experience Design will give your business the edge it needs to thrive. Learn More

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