by Dennis

Small Is The New Black

The best companies in the world are small companies that do really good work, and think big.

Companies that are small can more easily afford to farm out the boring stuff like book keeping, editing, website building to capable professionals while they focus on innovation and improvement where it does their clients, and therefore their enterprise the most good.

Small companies can reinvent themselves quickly. Small companies can pivot, innovate, hussle to meet the needs of their clients. Big companies are as nimble as an ocean liner.

Being small comes with flexibility. Small is nimble. Small is … perfect. And small is everywhere. Small is the new black.

Small companies can make a lot of money out of not a lot of money. One million dollars is nothing to IBM but it’s a lot to me.

Small companies can say whatever they want to say on their website, they can be as honest as they want. There is no company line, there is no compliance. Small companies have a more honest connection with their clients.

In small companies the CEO connects with clients, and they are usually directly involved with decision making, strategy, marketing and the general running/awareness of the business.

A small restaurant has an owner who greets you by name.

Small is more personal and small is craftsmanship. I’m thinking about Tito’s Vodka, and how well that guy is doing and how much smaller he is than whatever giant conglomerate that owns Grey Goose is doing.

Small companies can more easily deliver an incredible client experience to their clients, they can be closer to the front lines, be aware of the shifting landscape and adjust ahead of time to lead the crowd instead of following it.

You may need to shift a little. How small can you get? Get small. Get good(er). Think Big.