by Dennis

Small Isn’t A Better Version Of Big

Small is different.

Small can’t beat big. Their budgets are huge, they have better locations, they have National advertising they have more of everything, so much so, they can give it away. You can’t compete with Wal-Mart if you are trying to be Wal-Mart.

Small succeeds by providing something that nobody else can deliver. Compassion. Enthusiasm. Empathy. Dignity. Humanity. Policies that make no sense are not only senseless, they are insulting. At the very root of it all, a policy that lets the client down is a policy that denies that person is a person.

Big companies have policies that force them to be nicer to some clients than they are to others.

Big companies treat a lot of people like they are not people. Small companies don’t do that. Small companies do something very well, for a very exclusive group of people. They don’t worry about mass appeal. They worry about their fans. They worry about their CLAN, the people who care about what they do.

I want to feel a connection. I want to feel part of the story, part of the product, part of the experience. I want to participate. You want it too. So why would you think your clients don’t want it?

You are not all things to all people.

You are more than all things to your people.

Farm out the stuff that is in your way – its boring, and likely soul sucking stuff anyway. Free yourself up to be creative and to bring your energy and your passion – what makes you unique – to your clients.

Give them what they are looking for. Something different. Something personal. Something for them.