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The Serious Shift Society consists of a collection of premium content only available to subscribers. The content includes:

  • A curated reading list of hand-picked articles from a wide range of prestigious publications
  • Weekly articles of interest with substantial analysis delivered to your inbox
  • Access to premium courses designed to maximize success and focus on what really matters
  • All-Access Pass to 100+ seminars on an array of essential business skills
  • Unlimited access to our complete content archive of podcast episodes, videos, and articles
  • A special section about the Experience Economy with research and interactive presentations
  • Case studies showing successful business transformations

Together, these resources will provide timely and forever relevant insights on having a better business, fiercely loyal clients and more fun as a business owner. If you love Dennis’s insights, you’ll love the Serious Shift Society.

Cost: $23/month or $230/year.

Are you ready for serious impact? See what others are saying.

“You deliver a change in the way people THINK about their businesses. What Dennis and Tom do is differentiated and it is relevant to us, our firm and our industry.  You are true professionals with a tremendous message that supports what we all do every day. Thank you for that.”



“We had a big prospect meeting the other day.  After this call, I scrapped my presentation and started over with a focus on generosity and authenticity. Just got the call that we won the business.  I have been working on this one for pretty much my whole career!” 



“I have personally and professionally benefited over the 5 years I have been engaged with Dennis and his team at DMWSC.  Dennis has repeatedly challenged me intellectually, not only as a principal of a successful RIA, but MORE importantly as a father, leader and last but not least, a financial advisor.  Dennis’s mentorship and persistent ability to question some long-held business beliefs has resulted in a dynamic shift in the way we engage our clients as well as how we are successfully identifying/attracting new clients.”



“My life has benefited by watching the Serious Shift video blogs over the last many months both professionally and personally.  Dennis’ messages apply in all aspects of life. He has an amazing way of taking everyday life experiences, like watching the neighbor fix his driveway, and turning it into a true “life lesson” (in this case) on patience.  These life lessons are now helping me transition and process my own life experiences and the current major shift in my career, and I am grateful to have found Serious Shift.”



“Dennis cuts straight to the heart of the matter without being harsh or feeling confrontational.  His genuineness comes through every time we speak or email and his key message hits me right between the eyes with what I should be doing in my business or life.“



“My business is a better place because Tom helped me improve and refine my routine and focus.  He helped me to start with the Why for business, the What for what really matters, the Who I want to serve and to spend my time with.  It might have started with my yearning to fine-tune my business but DWM Strategic Consulting ultimately helped me refine my life.”