Staging Not Stalling

Sometimes your great idea will have to wait. Sometimes it really isn’t feasible, the time, the funding, the human resources are just not there, so you have no choice but to push back and plan for another day.

How do you know you are not just stalling? (Good question!)

Saying you are going to do something doesn’t mean very much, anyone can say “we’ll get to that later.”

However training, budgeting, building your business plan and calendar and blocking time off and then booking tickets is obviously a little different and this is the answer.

When? Why? How?

Tom and I launched our new website just before Christmas 2013, but we had been planning our new site for almost two years. We identified our website as requiring an overhaul two years ago, we agreed that it was important and we agreed that it would require an investment.

We also agreed that we had bigger, more important fish to fry. This isn’t to say that the site wasn’t important because it was, it was a matter of priorities.

The difference was this – we kept money in the bank. We kept a list of sites and features of sites we liked so that the website was never far from our thinking. Meanwhile, we were focusing on those few activities that were most crucial to our success and stability.

Eventually it was time to tackle the site, we had the money, we had the professionals lined up, we had spent a lot of hours discussing what we liked and didn’t like. The site project was a joy, paying for it was easy and the consultants told us we were right up there with their favorite clients because we “respected them and their process.”

When are you going to do it?

Why not now? What are the more important things you really need to deal with? (If there are none, then maybe you start now …)

Why? What is the purpose of this overhaul or new product?

How? Who is going to help, what is it going to cost, and how long will it take?

Everything in life is better with a plan. Even vacations.

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I liked your post! I was always taught to make plans, but don’t plan the results! So if the ingredients to the plan are in the pan, why not just do it and put it in the oven.!

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