Stay At It

A few days ago, you decided you needed to lose some weight, and you have been watching your consumption ever since. Today you woke up and you’re still fat. Life is so miserably unfair.

That’s called ‘changing yourself for the better for the long run.’ Stay at it.

You want to write kids books so you wake up at 5AM to write for a few days and it goes really well. And then one day, everything you write is bunk and you feel gross and stupid and now you’re full of doubt.

That’s called ‘being a writer.’ Stay at it.

I have two little girls. One little girl inherited the reading gene from my mother’s side of the family and she goes through books the way other people go through drugs. Books are her drugs. My other daughter has trouble reading. I don’t know why. Sherri and I just keep reading her books.

That’s called ‘being a parent.’ Stay at it.

You’re tired of defending the status quo. You have a new, brave and bold idea to change the world and not enough people care, so you’re wondering if it’s worth it. Yes, it’s worth it.

That’s called ‘changing the world.’ Stay at it. If not you, then who, right?

When things go well, it’s easy to stay at it. That’s why everyone can start, but the world is always desperate for finishers.

When things go poorly, staying at it becomes increasingly difficult.

But when you do … you become who you want to be.

So let’s hope I get lucky today. Let’s hope that yesterday, Sunday, was a lousy day for you.

And here you are … showing up and staying at it.

See? You’re amazing.


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Driving home from Florida to NY for my annual Audit. Left SC for DC in spite of predictions of heavy snow. Sure enough, it started outside of Richmond VA but it never got heavy enough to cover the roadway, and traffic was light. Woke up in Arlington VA with 5 inches of snow. From the window I could see the street was passable and the cross street was actually plowed. Still snowing but I decided to give it a go. Highways had very little traffic on them. All the main roads were clear and by Delaware the snow let up, NJ roads were dry and we arrived at our destination on LI in great shape. Fastest and easiest trip we ever made. Worst case scenario with the best outcome.

Say a prayer, put it in God’s hands, and trust the instinct we’re given.

Glad it worked out.
Grit, it’s a virtue.

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