by Dennis

Stay Small, Stay Focused

There isn’t a small business in the world that Tom and I couldn’t help. I mean it, if any small business in the world hired us, we could justify our fees.

Every so often, the idea seduces me. I work primarily with financial advisors, but sometimes I consider how many dentists, lawyers, golf club owners, boutique hotel owners or associations of one sort or another are out there?

Can you imagine? I could start all over, with a whole new audience who knows nothing about me. I could be the next big thing, again.

You have probably had similar thoughts.

Let me caution you on that.

If you think you need a bigger market, what you’re actually saying is that the market you already have doesn’t need you, or depend on you or talk about you enough.

You really don’t need a bigger niche.

You need only produce more value and be more relevant for those you already serve.

You have everything you need.