The Hunt For Red October

I’m sitting in my cabin on the side of Lac Desert, way up here blessedly in the middle of nowhere. I have opted to work from Pine Lodge today extending the long weekend another day. I will drive back to Das Kapital towards the end of the work day. Once again, so long as I have access to state of the art tech and Wi-Fi, I’m in business.

The view out of every window is a picture.

So I’m staring across the lake and I see a lot of yellow leaves. The birch trees stand out. In fact, although I never would have believed this before, and I have stared at the shore for about 8 years now, there are actually more birch trees then pine trees over there.

During the summer, the birch trees and poplar trees turn everything green, it’s the big red pines that are much more noticeable then. But today, I can see that isn’t the case. I can see all the yellow leaves of the birch, and all the empty tree tops that must be the poplars.

There is one single, small maple tree that is all red. There is only one and its making a very bold statement. There is a lesson here.

We are all looking all the time, for something truly spectacular. Something real that we can tell someone else about. Lots of the time, its hard to find it. Even when its standing right in front of you. This is even more frustrating for the person or persons waiting to be noticed, yearning to be discovered.

However, stick around around long enough being amazing and things will turn in your favor. Suddenly you will be there, the forest in the trees.

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