The Lizard Had Me. Briefly.

Doing something new, working hard at it, packaging it up and sharing it with the world is fraught with danger.

I’ve been working on these new Serious Shift blogcasts, and I want to tell you that I love them, and you’re going to love them. But the whole thing had me a little messed up. I’m not unlike everyone else – when I’m learning something new, when I’m putting myself out there, I feel a little uncomfortable. I feel a little fear.

I’m plagued by the same insecurities as everyone else. I constantly feel I could have done a better job. I look funny, or I sound funny, or I could have said something differently.

Recently, I even let the fear win. “I’ll do it tomorrow” I’d tell myself. Because when I said that, I gave myself permission to stop. Of course, I should have instead been saying, “I’m going to do this right now” and pushed through the fear.

That’s what I should have done, but I didn’t.

Every time you say something like “Hey, I have an idea … you know what would be really cool ?…” you expose yourself to criticism. Not just criticism, but the negative consequences that come with wasting time or money, or annoying your team or making a fool of yourself.

It’s no wonder all of us are, if not afraid, then reluctant to ship.

The good news is we have no choice. We have to ship.

Living life hiding in plain sight and protecting the status quo might seem like a good way to protect yourself, but that’s a myth and eventually that strategy will fail you.

Somewhere between the starting and finishing, everyone will fear a little fear, a little uncertainty. The person who will win will figure out how to put their fear aside and deal with it after they have shipped.

The Lizard had me, but I have managed to shake myself free. You’ll see these new video blogcasts soon.

How about you? How do you manage your fear?


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Hello Dennis,
Thanks for sharing your story about the “lizard.” I like to say to myself “you’re having a fight thru.” I manage fear by recognizing it and bringing awareness to the words that I am saying to myself. Then, I take a moment and try to play it out by thinking about what would happen if I do or do not “push through the fear.” Sometimes I win the fight thru and sometimes I don’t.
Best regards,
Joe S

Yes – figure out if what you have is a fear of starting or a fear of finishing. There is a difference. WHen you have a fear of finishing, you ca make a list of all the things you are afraid of and pick them apart. If you have a fear of starting, what you will often find is that there is not actual thing(s) you are afraid of, only fear. When you see the problem for what it really is, its easy to defeat. Take care, and thanks for checking in. DMW

Thanks for this blog post Dennis–it speaks to exactly where I am today! Please doublecheck the link for your new blogcast that came out in this morning’s subscription email. I couldn’t get it to load (page not found).

I’m glad it found you then! Having just gone through this myself … It really is just a matter of starting. THe feeling of getting moving again is a relief. Protip – towards the end of that first day of achievement, set aside thirty minutes to brainstorm what you will do the next day. While everything is flowing, make your list. That’s what I do.
We are working to solve the link issue. Thanks for the note – DMW.

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