by Dennis

The Thing About Christmas Trees…

…Is that it won’t matter if you take 5 days or 5 minutes to decorate it; it will still be beautiful.

Whether you can give yourself a nervous breakdown putting the lights on, or you can pretty much throw them at the tree, it really doesn’t matter. It’s going to look great, and everyone who comes into the room is going to say “nice tree” and mean it.

What makes a Christmas Tree a Christmas Tree is that it is a Christmas Tree.

They don’t happen at any other time of year. They are unusual, they are pretty, they are inside your house, they are huge and lit up, and that’s crazy.

They smell great and they are different.

They mean something.

They don’t happen every day.

They are impossible to ignore.

They draw you in.

They change you.

You could drive through forests full of pine trees and when asked if you saw anything on your journey, you’d answer, “No, just trees.”

Unless …

…The tree is more than a tree. When the tree becomes a conversation, something worth noting and mentioning, then we’re in a whole new place.

So here is how you stand out …

Stand for something. Christmas Trees aren’t about trees. What is the conversation you want to start?

Don’t be shy about being different. There is nothing halfway about a Christmas Tree. Christmas Trees can’t pretend to be ordinary trees. It’s impossible.

Know your audience. The last thing you want at your party is someone who doesn’t like Christmas.