by Dennis

There Is No Map

When you want to get somewhere that everyone has already been, there is a map. Even Mount Everest is littered with junk because a bazillion people have trekked through it. The map makes your on-time arrival much more predictable.

When you are trying to get somewhere that nobody has ever been before, you are not going to get a map or a guidebook or a technical manual. Finding it on your own is altogether different than following directions.

Finding it is harder. Finding it requires your willingness to be a little lost for a little while. Finding it will require you to be patient, to misfire, and to fail.

The status quo is all about following the map; it’s about doing what everyone else is doing. Following the map is about playing it safe and avoiding risks. Risks are not always bad.

We exchange our creativity and personality for the promised certainty of a one-size-fits-all solution, because if we did what we really wanted to do, how we really want to do it, we’d have to figure out how to do it. And the figuring out part is scary.

There is no how-to book as far as how to do more work that matters – work that is courageous and meaningful.

You just have to start doing it, and then tell everyone what you did when you get there.