Here you go, my #1 most overlooked secret of being successful in life and business.

Be on time. It costs nothing to keep your promises. Show up for the conference call when the conference call starts. Ship your work on time. Show up to your appointments on time. Keep your promises to your kids about what and when you’re going to do it, get it, go to it, eat it and wash it.

Could it be easier? In theory, but my goodness we make it nearly freaking impossible.

Trustworthiness leads to being trusted. One of the first promises you will make someone is to be on time.

When I run out of time, when I’m late or behind and it isn’t weather-related, it’s usually because I said yes one too many times. Little things add up.

Say no more often.

Be on time more often.

I have to go; I have a sound check in four minutes.


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Dennis spoke today during a Claims Leaders conference at Aviva Insurance. He talked about creating the ultimate experience for our customers and the importance of putting your “heart” into your work. His words were inspiring, energetic and spoken with conviction. It was clear that Dennis put his “heart” in his work today and for that I say thank you.

Hello Mina – Thank you. I put my heart into my work but my back into my business. Lean into it Mina, start a conversation, make some shift happen. DMW

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