Two Best Ways To Make An Impact


The first is to find things that others have accepted as the status quo and make them significantly, obviously and remarkably better. For instance, someone could make a fortune inventing whatever online travel service that will replace Expedia.

The second is to find things, strategies and ideas that you’re attached to that are slowing you down, realize and accept that these things are broken and harmful to you, and throw them out and never use them again.

When a not-so-fantastic CRM, or a bad habit, or a lousy customer or corporate policy has too much inertia to be fixed, or when it’s too cumbersome and too broken, then you’re better off without it. Eliminating it will create a void, which is the space you need for something much better to take root.

Tom and I got together for our semi-annual meeting three weeks ago. Since then, we’ve been fixated on what we can improve and what has to go, and we are, again, surprised by all the fertile ground we have discovered.

Happy Monday.

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