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Two Trains Leave A Station …

And head in opposite directions. Train 1 is moving at 18 mph and Train 2 moves at only 12 mph. When will the trains be 246 miles apart?

Who cares?

This isn’t even an interesting question.

These are the interesting questions:

Who are the people on the trains? How did they choose these trains? Where are they going, and why? How did they buy their tickets, and what other help do they need? Do they have a place to stay at their destination? What about transportation? How are they passing time on the train, and are they enjoying it? What do they wish they could do more of? Are we teaching them something along the way? Are they having fun? Do they wish they could stay with us longer? What can we do to make sure they love our train and wouldn’t ever consider another train? How could we make it desirable to bring a friend on a trip? How can we become “more than a train” to them?

Any engineer will figure out that it will take 8.2 hours to get 246 miles apart.

But only a conductor will make it a moot point.


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