What’s Your Excuse?

Almost imperceptibly, lurking around the fringes of any project or inspiring idea, the Lizard lurks, ready with an excuse, ready to blame someone or something when a new idea fails.

Everyone has an excuse. In fact, most times people go looking for one before they start the project because then when it goes wrong, the scapegoat isn’t hard to find. “It was the McGuffin. I knew it would fail/quit/underwhelm/overwhelm/be too early/too late/complicated/simple all along.”

People who have a built in, all-purpose excuse (mom/dad issues, mercury rising or in retrograde, not enough money, the system/man failed me long ago) often end up failing over and over again. They have an excuse that is ready to go. They walk it on a leash, keeping it close so it’s much easier for them to back off when things get hard.

So what happens if you refuse to look for excuses at all?

Instead of seeking excuses and the false comfort they bring, what if you fill the team with people who are obsessed with avoiding excuses? What would happen if instead of seeking a way out, everyone was looking for a way further in?

Serious Shift.


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