Which Advisor Are You?

One advisor says: “I come in a little early, and I often stay a little late. I get all my work done for my clients a little quicker than they expect. I manage expectations and time well. I’m hardworking and I care.”

Another says: “I wonder what my clients are not asking me to do that I can do? Who can I learn from, and how can I make an impact? What isn’t on my agenda that I can fight to put on there? Who can I scare? What can I learn? How can I get this done in a way that makes an impact and changes my client? What sort of legacy am I helping to create?”

Where a lot of advisors (and other professionals) struggle is that doing a good job doesn’t mean you’re essential, the person we’d miss if you were not around.

When that’s what you want – to be the essential ingredient – you have to stop thinking about the job and start thinking about your purpose, your point of view and your theme.

Maybe you work somewhere or for someone that doesn’t give you the option. They just want you to do the job; they pay well and that’s that. Mind you, if that’s true then I wonder why someone with your potential would stay …

The whole idea of a job is a little dated.

The secret to succeeding now is to do the work that other people are afraid or unwilling to do. You don’t have a job anymore; you have a role to play.

You are either essential and irreplaceable to the story, or not.

You’re essential to me. That you open up the blog and find some good in it fills me with joy and a sense of accomplishment. I want to help you; I want to help you figure out what’s next and how to take those first steps. Then I want you to help the next person.

Email me here [email protected] and tell me what’s up, what you want to do and where the constraint is.

I’ll help you get started.


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