Why We Buy

You don’t actually buy the cheapest of anything, or likely the best of anything either. When you buy something, when you recommend it, when you miss it when it’s gone, you’re buying and recommending it as a human being, not a target market or user or subscriber.

What we all want more than anything is to buy it from someone we trust, who wants what we want.

Did you catch the “more than anything” part? Because it’s critical.

We want more than ‘pretty good stuff at a pretty good price.’ We want someone we trust, someone who wants what we want. You have to be a leader, an impresario and a maker of magic. When we can’t find the person we trust, someone who wants what we want, we buy the cheapest available option. When we find what we’re looking for, when it’s more relevant to us personally and different enough from other options, we’ll pay a premium.

Nobody wants to buy stuff.

They want to buy into a way of life, a system, a path, a plan, a philosophy. They are not buying a need; they are looking past that to transformation.

What change do you help create for your clients?

Everyone else sells the stuff.

Instead, sell the promise.

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From the first time I saw you speak, Ive found you have an uncanny ability to distill things down to a much simpler way of looking at what seems,at times, to be a very daunting topic or difficult one at least. Thank you for putting this one in a different perspective and one I believe I will be able to work with when positioning what I do with clients.

Thank you Phil. At the end of the day, we buy stories. Stories are how we understand and relate with the world around us. Be a story worth telling. Thank you again for the kind words. DMW

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