A note on the picture – I follow Mick Jagger’s Twitter feed. He posted this pic a couple of days ago with the simple caption “Writing Lyrics”. The guy is still cranking it out. He literally can’t stop being a rock star, which got me thinking …

Workaholics live in perpetual fear. It’s the fear of losing her job that drives her to show up all the time, to delay vacations and operate in a constant state of worry and concern.

The thing is, there is new work that needs to be done, and this work requires a different sort of worker, one who is inspired by curiosity and passion, not fear.

Do you want your kids to be taught by a teacher who is afraid, or inspired?

Do you want your meal prepared by a chef who is afraid, or inspired?

Do you want to roll out of bed afraid, or inspired?

These are clearly not really questions because the answer is obvious. Or so you’d think.

The passionate worker doesn’t have a job she is afraid of losing – she has a hobby or passion that pays.

Passionate people read business books on vacation. They blog because it’s fun They work on presentations because selfishly they’d rather tweak a presentation than watch television. This willingness doesn’t come from a sense of duty. It’s selfishness. They love what they do, and it’s more fun than doing other stuff.

Obviously, it is harder to imagine someone being passionate about picking up trash, or digging a ditch, and if you do either of these things for a living and don’t feel passionate about it, then pay attention.

This world is brand new, and for some people the possibility exists that the work they do is also the thing they most like to do.

Finding a job like this is clearly a lucky break.

Creating a job like this is even better.


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