Your Lack Of Imagination Will Put You Out Of Business

If you find it hard to attract new customers to your business, there’s a reason.

If people aren’t discussing your business, your products, your services, your food, your results, your message or what you might do next, there is a reason.

The reason is that you’re boring, and you have probably been boring for a while now. And just to hammer you one last time, you’ve probably been boring on purpose. You thought it was a good idea to fit in.

You have boring pricing because it’s safer. You have a predictable process because it’s what everyone else does, and it feels safer. I guess you decided it was better to be what everyone else thinks you are than to be who you are?

Unfortunately, being amazing costs time and money and a lot of effort, and even more terrifying is that it often costs a willingness to be wrong and to try some stuff that might not work.

It’s so much easier to let everyone else tell you how to do it. It’s also boring.

Don’t be boring.

You’re way more interesting than that. You read my blog, right? See. As if a boring person would read a blog as dangerous as this one.


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Absolutely fantastic!

You’re too kind … And clearly not boring. DMW

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