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Dennis loves thinking about and speaking about customer experience. For 20 years he has been speaking to audiences about how to stage incredible customer experiences, how experience differ from services, and what a business has to do to entice, engage and ensure having clients for life.

Product. Service. Experience.Which One Are You?

Selling goods and services is no longer enough. What customers value today are experiences, memorable events that engage them in an inherently personal way.

By embracing the principles of the Experience Economy, your work will stand out in a crowded market and attract the right clients for life. Dennis takes audience members through those principles and essential frameworks that matter the most so that you will be able to shift from delivering services to staging experiences that your clients will value and talk about.

Dennis uses his 20 plus years of experience and stories to inspire audiences in an engaging and dynamic style. He is the founder of DMW Strategic Consulting, author of Serious Shift: How Experience Staging Can Save Your Practice, and his blog is read by entrepreneurs around the world. He is a Certified Expert in The Experience Economy (Pine and Gilmore, 2015) and his message remains one of spirited innovation backed by smart processes that lead to sustainable growth and results.

Dennis’s audiences include global financial institutions and firms as well as other industries and organizations in North America and Europe.

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